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Medicine Stability Testing Chamber

Medicine Stability Testing Chamber


    Dual refrigeration system.

    ★Imported compressor with self-developed compressor cooling system, extend service life of the compressor.

    Imported humidity sensor, ensuring high accuracy of humidity. 

    PID control for temperature and humidity, more accurate,easy menu operation interface.

    Over-temperature alarm system:automatically stop working when exceeded the limit temperature and send out audible and visual alarm,ensure experiments run safely.

    ★ Large LCD screen to display more data at same time.

    Newest multi-segment programmable control technology for temperature and humidity, high precision.With multiple programs and multiple cycles, each cycle is divided into 30 segments, each segment contains 99 hours and 99 minutes of cycle steps, it can happily meet almost all the complicated experiment process.

      Equipped with JAKEL circulation fan ,unique designed air duct for good air circulation, ensuring good temperature uniformity inside.

    Equipped with built-in stainless steel water tank at the bottom of equipment to supply water by pump for the humidification tank.

      Equipped with spare temperature control which ensures the product work normally even the main temp.control failed(for heating).

    ★Equipped with printer which can record and print the operating parameters at any time.

    Mirror stainless steel chamber, adjustable shelf.

    The chamber is equipped with a power socket and UV lamp for sterilization.

    Double door design. Tempered glass inner door for clear observation. The outer door adopts magnetic seal design, good sealing performance.

    Safety Device

    Over temperature protection

    Compressor over current protection

    Over compressing protection

    Water shortage protection

    Heater overheat protection

    Audible and visual alarm system

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