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Shaking Incubator

Shaking incubator

    ★Stackable up to three units for maximum space savings.
    ★PID microprocessor temperature controller with high accuracy. 
    ★ With timing function,freely set the culture time              within 0~999.9 hours;
    ★ With over temperature alarm function, automatic                           power off in abnormal condition. 
    ★Auto-recovery after power outage or crash as originally programmed, avoiding data loss. 
    ★Mirror stainless steel chamber, anti-corrosion and easy to clean, good appearance.
    ★ With observation window, convenient to observe condition inside any time;
    ★ Independent control of temperature and shaking speed for each layer or separately run different layer according to needs.
    ★The rocking plate can be freely pulled out, which is convenient for loading and unloading the flask
    ★ Imported high-quality compressor, fluorine-free refrigerants, low noise and good cooling effect, ensuring long time stable operation of equipment under low temperature.
    ★ Large LCD screen display, easy operation.
    ★ Auto-stop operation when door is opened,safe and convenient.
    ★  With UV sterilization function;
    LCD touch screen is optional. It can display setting parameters for temperature,shaking speed, time and actual measured temperature, speed, remaining time on one interface for easy observation.



    Shaking Speed(rpm)


    Speed Accuracy(rpm)


    Swing Amplitude(mm)


    Maximum Capacity

    250ml×36 or 500ml×24 or 1000ml×15 or 2000ml×10

    Tray Size(mm)


    Timing Range


    Temperature Range(℃)

    4~60℃ (Ambient temperature :25℃)

    Temperature Accuracy (℃)

    ±0.1℃(Under constant temperature)

    Temperature Uniformity(℃)


    Tray Included


    Exterior Size(W×D×H)mm


    Power Rating(W)


    Power Supply

    AC220V±10%, 50∽60HZ

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